30 Great Overlooked Elton John Songs

Hello all! A new Elton John video for you!
This video contains a list of my own personal selected Elton John songs that I feel are either overlooked, unappreciated, could of been hits, or quite simply songs that showcase Elton and Bernie’s brilliance as songwriters that both casual, mega, or non-Elton fans may not know about. Clearly, I wish the list could go on longer, but then it would go on forever as Elton John has a huge list of songs in his catalogue that are hidden gems and are very special! I would love to add them all but I just can’t! So please just appreciate the list that I have put together.
If you dislike or disagree my list, that is fine, but please do not bash it. Make your own video list in that case! I only hope people enjoy my video- and please share it with other fellow Elton fans so they can hear these astonishing songs as well! Thank you for reading and watching.

P.S. In case anybody here was wondering why I selected the songs I did, I have the entire list of songs here with a term describing why I chose it. Either the song is overlooked (and underappreciated), should’ve been a hit song, or showcases Elton (and Bernie)’s songwriting talent proficiently. Here they are:

1.) Ticking – Songwriting brilliance
2.) Elderberry Wine – Hit material
3.) The Fox – Overlooked
4.) All The Nasties – Overlooked
5.) Stones Throw From Hurtin’ – Hit material, overlooked
6.) Belfast – Songwriting brilliance
7.) Voyeur – Songwriting brilliance
8.) Dreamboat – Hit material
9.) This Town – Hit material
10.) Birds – Overlooked
11.) Empty Sky – Overlooked
12.) Live Like Horses – Hit material, overlooked, songwriting brilliance
13.) Just Like Noah’s Ark – Hit material
14.) Mama Can’t Buy You Love – Hit material
15.) Blue Avenue – Songwriting brilliance
16.) Pinky – Hit material
17.) The Cage – Hit material
18.) Sweat It Out – Songwriting brilliance, overlooked
19.) Soul Glove – Hit material
20.) The Bridge – Songwriting brilliance
21.) Writing – Songwriting brilliance
22.) Son Of Your Father – Overlooked
23.) The Man Who Never Died – Songwriting brilliance, overlooked
24.) Idol – Overlooked
25.) Rock and Roll Madonna – Hit material
26.) Donner Pour Donner – Overlooked
27.) I Feel Like A Bullet – Hit material, songwriting brilliance
28.) The Honey Roll – Hit material
29.) Sartorial Eloquence – Hit material
30.) Blessed – Songwriting brilliance

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